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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Optimism regained! Is it Spring or the antidepressants?

I have definitely noticed a shift in my outlook lately. I'm not sure if it is the sunshine or the celexa, or some combination, but I don't care. My mind does not automatically spiral to the negative. My job has become bearable, dare I say enjoyable? The things that sent me into a violent fit of tears and rage I can now laugh at. The fact that I work on a reality TV show that is totally incongruous to my values just seems kind of funny and absurd these days. Funny in a self deprecating, I don't take myself too seriously, sort of way.

I also noticed that my inherent laziness is not taking over completely as it had over the past few months. Perhaps because I am not disinterested in living anymore? I'm getting chores done, shopping for groceries, doing my job at work and am enjoying it.

I never lost interest in food, in the intellectual sense, but when I was down and out I just wasn't getting into the whole sensual aspect of creating food for myself and the ones that I love. No more! Last night I cooked a pretty good meal which I had planned - this is unusual for me because I'm usually opening the cupboard and winging it. I still did make some winging it substitutions because I wanted to use what was already in the fridge.

My friend from University visited with her boyfriend. They are both vegetarian and so I decided to serve fish. This week the first magazine of my subscription to Gourmet Magazine arrived in the mail (April '08). It was a delightful surprise as I had forgotten that I signed up for a subscription. I chose two recipes for Black Cod with Olives and Potatoes in Parchment served with Sauteed Dandelion Greens as well as a Baked Ricotta from "Sunday Suppers at Lucques" by Suzanne Goin. I only had to buy the fish and potatoes as I had everything else on hand when you take the substitutions into consideration.

The parchment packages made for a particularly enjoyable presentation. A lot of flare for not a lot of work! Also, everything was moist and delicious. I totally should have taken a photo but I wasn't thinking about the blog at the time. Oh well, I guess I will learn.

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TCO said...

Nothing against anti-depressants, but I think it might be spring. I was in such a horrible funk for what seems like forever. I no longer want to drop out of law school (mercifully, what a disaster if I had gone through with that fantasy!) and my lethargy is easing away too! Yay us.