Mary Moreau

Saturday, June 7, 2008

GPS vs. brain + map

I'm sitting in suburbia, in a new subdivision that is only about 50% populated in Brooklyn, Ontario. I'm on set. Our cameraman was half an hour late because he plugged in the information in the GPS, which told him to go to Stoney Creek because this subdivision is so new that the GPS doesn't recognize the address. When he pulled up he was saying that his GPS took him to the wrong place. I responded with: "You should have looked at the map that Sara sent you." The map and driving directions were correct. I know; that is how I got to set.

I had thought that perhaps our director would get lost, because he notoriously relies on his GPS. But he made it to set first! He tried plugging in the address the night before and when that didn't work he resorted to a map. Probably the most amusing thing this morning was said director on the phone giving directions to our cameraman. It was a bit twilight zone.

In conclusion, while the GPS can be a wonderful thing, brain + map wins hands down!

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