Mary Moreau

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My struggle with making crap television

Ok. This is the post that could get me fired if anyone from work ever reads my blog. But, considering I hardly post on it, I doubt that we are talking high stakes here. Nevertheless, I will deal if that (hope beyond hope) happens.

Here it is...I don't like the show that I work on. I think it is crap. It is repetitive, banal and therefore boring. Sure, we've done a great job in making a show that works. One that is number one on a certain network. But I am ready to fully admit that I haven't watched an episode since the 3rd season. Perhaps even the second season. By the way, we are currently filming the 5th season. I can't be bothered and that isn't a good thing. I should be more invested in what I'm doing. I know that.

Problem is I don't mind the money and I really like the people I work with. I like the people part of my job yet I need to move on!!! Everyone keeps saying to make hay while the sun shines, but this is what I have done for nearly FOUR YEARS now. The same damned show.

I'm coasting and I don't want to coast anymore. I want to feel good about what I'm doing.

Lately that translates into daydreaming about opening my own knitting shop, but Toronto is glutted with knitting shops. What to do?

I'm considering putting my love of wine to good use and enrolling in a sommelier course for future use. I'm envisioning a future when restaurants are doing so well they require the use of a sommelier again. Problem is I need to keep on with the drudgery of the current job to afford these courses. Pricey! Honestly, how was I ever a student before? Oh, right, I'm still paying for that.

Speaking of crap television what is up with the Top Chef reunion show? I'm considering canceling my Food and Wine subscription because of that wasted hour. Padma Lakshmi looks like a robot in the ads for that show in the magazine.

Speaking of robots...I am officially sharing my theory that Heidi Klum is a robot.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sugar on the Tongue

Sweat ring from the iced latte
reflects the clouds in the sky
I sit and think about the many things to do.
Boring things like vacuuming
and dusting crevices,
sorting through mail and paying bills, but also
the joy of merino slipping through my fingers -
slinky little fabric -
and how we are to continue
knitting our lives together.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I feel like looking up words that begin in THW in my favourite Oxford English Dictionary but it is performing the duty, along with a few other tomes, of temporary sofa leg. You see, the leg on our couch broke many months ago and a new one has been on order for nearly the same amount of time at the store where we purchased said couch a mere two years ago (in November). The store in question is G.H. Johnson. They don't return calls about inquiries into the status of the replacement leg. I'm not surprise though, when we ordered the damn thing they delivered it without the legs and had to make a second trip to our apartment for the full assembly. Not only that, but they didn't deliver two of the main back cushions. I kept staring at the couch thinking something is wrong. Luckily I had taken a picture with the trusty cell phone when I was shopping and saw the missing cushions. When we finally had all of the components to the couch  I noticed that one of the recently added cushions had bird shit, or something remarkably like it, on the fabric. Off I went to the store to request, politely, a new cushion. It has turned out to be quite the saga. Well, this isn't even what I intended on launching into in this post; I was thwarted in three efforts establish a reign of order on the household and I am simply fed up!