Mary Moreau

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Bridge is Required

Knitting has been what others might call a "hobby" of mine for over a decade, though I might call it a "passion," or even an "obsession." Nevertheless, it all falls into the category of things that I do for fun. Not only do I love knitting, I also love thinking about knitting, planning knitting projects, reading about knitting and endlessly searching Ravelry (think facebook for knitting). Sometimes it seems that I love the peripheral knitting activities even more than the act of knitting itself for all the actual knitting that gets accomplished, but saying that would be akin to heresy. I am a believer.

Not only am I a believer, I'm ready to take holy orders; I'm in the process (slow at the moment) of trying to figure out a way to make my living out of knitting. The ultimate goal would be to own my own yarn shop. In the meantime, while I do other non-knitting related things to make a pittance, uh living, I've got ideas for original knitted items that I could sell. I should practice the art, hone my skill, work towards becoming a veritable doyenne of all things knit. I need to knit.

I haven't been knitting much, all things considered. I've been lamenting the fact that I don't have a space dedicated to this - a studio, but lack of space has been a constant in my life for quite a while now. Even though I do believe that your space is very important, I realized this morning that I still feel bad sitting down to knit when there are about a million other things that need to happen that are less fun and therefore must be more important, right? I have a huge mental gap to get over. A bridge is required. I need the expertise of an emotional engineer.

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Allison said...

I share your passion Mary. I'm not anywhere near your expertise but wish I could dedicate so much of my time to knitting but with a husband, 3 kids, job, house work, time is limited 8(
Open that shop and knit knit knit ;)