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Monday, March 21, 2011

Thoughtful Person

Our small business teacher reminded us that our last business class would involve all of us bringing something to eat so that we can have a "party" and discuss our business idea now that we are at the end of the course. I moaned about the fact that I'm doing this crazy diet and would likely have to abstain. Then I tried to explain that it wasn't that kind of diet and started to give details before realizing that these classmates, who hardly know me, might not care.

Well, I was totally taken aback last Thursday when the classmate I sit next to, let's call her Amanda, brought in this book by a nutritionist (Meals That Heal Inflammation) because she wanted to make something that I could eat at the so-called party. She had narrowed it down to two recipes and asked me to choose the one that fits the diet best. Wow.

This was such a lovely reminder that these kinds of gestures, which don't really cost us anything, have an exponential impact on both parties. The giver and the recipient both walk away feeling lighter and brighter. Let's call it emotional mathematics. It was also a reminder that I need to brush up on these formulae since I am often thinking of other people, but I forget to go that extra step to let them know I am thinking of them.

Well, now I can't sign off without including a little something for you. It is Spring (soon to be the 3rd day of it) even though it is still pretty brown and grey in Toronto. Feast your eyes on a picture of pretty flowers that I took in Morocco last spring. It's a reminder that we will see green again!

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