Mary Moreau

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Simple Pleasure: Crisp Sheets

There simply is nothing like slipping under the covers into a bed made with crisp and smooth sheets. I don't care whether you have a cotton-poly blend or 800 thread-count Egyptian cotton, there is only one way to improve your venue for slumber and that is with an iron. You heard me, I said iron your sheets.

I feel I must disclose that I don't always manage to do it myself (though I used to be pretty consistent about it) but oh, boy - there is nothing like it. If you don't believe me then at the very least you must iron your pillow cases. If you happen to have a bottle of lavender linen water kicking around then now is the time to put it to use. But this is not essential.

You can fold your sheets in half lengthwise to make the job of ironing go a bit quicker. Actually, the crease made when ironing in this fashion is a handy guide for centering your sheet on the bed so you don't have 5 inch drape on one side and negative drape on the opposite. A powerful steam setting makes it even lighter work. It's the little things.

And if you've gone to the trouble of ironing your sheets you may as well clear that pile of clothes next to the bed. Put it in the laundry basket or hang it back up. Now, leave the bedroom and make a cup of sleepy time tea. When you come back you will feel your shoulders drop and your breathing relax as you get into bed. You will want to stay awake and read to prolong the enjoyment of this mini heaven but your efforts will be futile because you will be off to dreamland in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

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